Bathroom Renovations

Bringing old bathrooms into the 21st century

Clean, ordered, stylish and sparkling. That’s what a bathroom ought to be. But with so many of us living in houses designed and built several decades ago, our bathrooms get worn out, run down and become less than pleasant places to visit.

At AB Prop, we’re no strangers to bathroom renovations. In fact, when it comes to bathroom renovations in Melbourne, we’d go as far as to say we’re your one-stop shop. Our fully licensed, fully insured renovation specialists bring a world of knowledge and experience to every job they take on.

Offering outstanding, friendly service and obligation-free quotes on projects big and small, AB Prop is proud of offer a cost-effective, professionally managed service that can transform an old, dated space into a modern, stylish room you can be proud of. Bathroom renovation in Melbourne is something we’ve been doing successfully for years – our track record of hundreds of satisfied customers speaks for itself and we thrive on helping new clients turn their renovation dream into reality.

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