Verandahs Renovations Melbourne

Let AB Prop help you take your property further

When it comes to making the most of your property and adding value and space without spending vast sums of money, building a verandah in Melbourne is one of the smartest moves a home owner can make.

Verandahs in Melbourne are one of AB Prop’s specialities and passions. With a professional team of verandah experts renowned for their friendly service, experience and know-how, and a firm commitment to finishing their projects on time, every time, AB Prop are the right people for the job.

Able to handle features such as decorative screens and pillar – and capable of working with almost any material you nominate – we can design and build a verandah that fulfils your vision and beautifully complements the existing structure it attaches to.

AB Prop is dedicated to helping you enjoy your property to the maximum. Add an exciting, functional new space to your property.

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