Occupational Health and Safety

AB Property Services is very mindful of the occupational health and safety issues which may present themselves in the work place as the very nature of their work in providing an emergency service, is performed during the typical environmental conditions responsible for the damage in the first instance such as rain, storm, water, lightning, wind and fire.

Constructions at risk of collapsing, height, water, electricity and hazardous materials are conditions which often combine and present a most challenging work place environment. The AB Property team has not only been skilled to adapt to these trying conditions as a result of experience but also through an intensive staff induction program and ongoing development of site-specific safe working methods and procedures.

AB Property Services promotes the highest standards of occupational health and safety in its work places and operations and is committed to ensuring the safety of all employees, subcontractors, customers and the public. This is achieved through adherence of the company’s Safety Manual which outlines health and safety management best practices and procedures and incorporates the Australian Safety and Compensation Council National Standards, Codes of Practice and Guidance Notes, as well as the State Acts, Regulations and WorkSafe Victoria guidance notes.

The AB Property Services‘ team is always vigilant about recognising hazards and dangers in the work place and they share and encourage employees, subcontractors, customers and the public to adopt a simple three step principle in providing a hazardous risk free environment:

1. Identifying risk through careful observation
2. Assessing the risk meticulously and being acutely aware of the possible adverse effects if the risk was to occur
3. Eliminating or controlling the risk by employing well developed and proven strategies.