Blocked Drains

Experts at Clearing Blocked Drains in Melbourne

Are you having trouble with a drain blockage, trough, storm water pipe, basin, sewer, toilet or a gully trap? If so, you’ll know how disruptive it can be to your household.

Well, AB Prop knows what to do.

Our professional tradesmen use the latest detection and repair equipment, including rigid sewer machines, compressed air and high pressure hydro-jet technology to clear blocked drains in Melbourne.

We also use CCTV colour drain cameras to survey and assess damage or to assist with Drain Cleaning. These cameras can pinpoint the exact depth and position of blocked drains, so excavations are minimal and cause as few interruptions as possible.

Some of the symptoms of sewer and drainage blockages include;

  • Foul odours
  • Sucking or gurgling noises
  • Overflowing grates and vents
  • Debris in or around drain
  • Water not draining from fixture

If you property is displaying any of these signs the give us a call. We offer a fast affordable service clearing blocked drains in Melbourne.