Blocked Pipes

A burst pipe can destroy more than your peace of mind. It can also cause major damage to your home, with Water Pipe Repair often costing thousands of dollars. AB Prop provides 24 hour emergency cover in the event of burst, leaking or blocked pipes, so you can be sure you and your property are in safe hands. There are many reasons why a pipe may be blocked or broken.

Sometimes a tree root will compromise the pipe before spreading inside. This will limit water flow and may lead to costly problems further down the line. Burst pipes may also be the result of build-up from your kitchen outlets, such as grease, hair or general waste. Material gathers in the pipe and reduces its diameter, again restricting flow to and from your sink. Whatever the cause, your repair service must be prompt and effective. All AB Prop’s work is carried out by qualified and experienced tradesmen and is fully guaranteed and insured.

We also provide pictures and reports to assist with insurance claims and will quote when a more permanent solution is required.

Call our hotline on 1300 500 777 for a quotation or emergency repair assistance.