Water Tanks Installation

Rainwater Tank Installation Melbourne

There has Never Been a Better Time for Water Tank Installation

You can’t predict the weather. In recent years Australia has experienced some of the most unpredictable weather conditions in history, including drought, storms and floods. This has had a huge impact on utility prices, so rainwater tank installation has never been a better idea.

Water Tank means you can water your plants guilt-free, flush your toilet, wash your car and even hose down driveways. Rainwater tanks may be installed in ground units, above-ground PVC plastic tanks and under-deck bladders incorporating grey water systems.

Save space, money and the environment!

And don’t forget about the huge government rebate. Water Tank Installation in Melbourne attracts a rebate, in some cases up to thousands of dollars. So talk to AB Prop today for an obligation-free quote for Rainwater Tank Installation and put something away for a rainy day.

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