Quality Assurance

The company is fully equipped with state of the art communication technology including blackberry devices, cameras and the latest project management software program supported through the website.

The corner stone of AB Property Services’ success is their quality assurance. Their planned and systematic pattern of actions, in accordance with the company’s prescribed procedures, from the moment a call is received through to client liaison several days after the work is completed ensures that the highest standards of customer service and data accuracy are maintained at all times.

AB Property Services’ commitment to quality assurance and customer confidence is evident through this set of activities which ensures their services fulfill clients’ expectations in every regard.

Delivering quality service is only possible through a totally dedicated and committed team of qualified, licensed and fully trained staff. Care and attention to detail, use of quality products, time responsiveness, providing minimal disruption and inconvenience to your home or work place incorporate the service that their existing clients receive and prospective clients’ desire.

Performance on all levels is reviewed regularly and half yearly work place audits are conducted to ensure their high standards are maintained.

As a member of the Master Builders Association Victoria (MBAV), the leading employers’ association servicing the Victorian building and construction industry, AB property Services identifies and analyses issues and determines improvement strategies to the maintenance and building industry.

The members of the AB Property Services’ electrical team are registered with Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) – Victoria’s statutory independent electricity, gas and pipeline safety and technical regulator – and understand and comply with the requirements of Part 3 of the Electricity Safety Act 1998 and the Electricity Safety (Installations) regulations 1999. Depending on the nature of the work performed, Certificates of Electrical Safety are issued and electrical inspections are conducted by Electrical Inspections Victoria (EIV).

Likewise, if the type of plumbing work performed falls into the relevant category, AB Property Services’ licensed plumbing practitioners will certify the work complies with all relevant regulatory requirements as supported, promoted and enforced by the industry’s State regulatory authority, the Plumbing Industry Commission (PIC), and if need be consulted by our licensed practitioners in the promotion of innovative and effective plumbing solutions. As members of the Master Plumbers’ & Mechanical Services Association of Australia (MPMSAA), the AB Property Services team enjoys the benefits of up-to-date news and publications about a range of issues including standards alerts, regulations, environmental policies, technology, industry news, events, product information and rebates.