Roof Restoration

Professional Roof Restoration in Melbourne

Roof restoration repairs and re-roofing in Melbourne are all headed and overseen by master roof plumber and award winning roof slater and tiler, Mr Andrew Barrett.

Roof restoration and even simple repairs are our lifeblood at AB Property Services.

The whole concept of a “one stop shop,” for all trades was born on a job some 15 years ago, when Andrew decided he had a duty to inform his clients about the consequences of not replacing rotted fascia timbers, discovered when he was doing a re-bed and point for a client.

It doesn’t matter if you have a 50° pitched metal roof, slate, tiles, or a flat modern style, we have the know-how and skilled work force to get the job done to exceed your expectations.

We can also offer services for full roof replacement in Melbourne for all home styles.

Call our hotline on 1300 500 777 for a quotation or assistance.