Hi Andy and Steve,
First time ever that I haven’t had to put the towels down for a storm! Thanks so much, its great. And Justin sorted out all the electrical issues so thanks for that too. He said you would invoice me for that work.
Sorry, forgot to ask when you were here, could you please send me the original invoice for the water tank? I need it to claim the government rebate.
Thanks again for finally giving me a weather tight home!

Cheers, Jess

Dear Andrew,
I will use you from now on as our official body corp plumber. I will also inform you about all projects at our site.
When you were out here you saw the gutter leak at the southern end of the roof. Should we leave that job till when Pascal returns to clean the gutters in August?

Andrew Hoff, 20 May 2009

Andrew and the rest of you are good people. I really and truly appreciate this invoice because it proves I was really worried and asked for Andrew’s advice.
That is all I want from you. Every time I have had plumbing problems Andrew had delivered above and beyond my expectations. My cheque will be in the mail tomorrow.
I will get Andrew to quote on every bodycorp project at the site.
Much appreciated and very sincerely,

Andrew Hoff

On behalf of my whole family and myself personally, I would like to sincerely thank you for your help you provided to us during the difficult time we were going through after the severe storm and a lightning seriously damaged our house.
The damage to our house was severe, as you mentioned and later confirmed by one of AAMI insurance assessors, but you helped us reduce the damage and prevented it to be worse.
Thanks to your experience you have climbed on the roof to check if any of the tiles were broken to stop the rain falling inside the house; climbed under the roof to find the damaged water pipe and stop the water leak (otherwise the ceiling would have collapsed in the kitchen!!); discovered that lightning directly hit the water meter (I hope you have included the picture you took in your report to AAMI), which you organised for Yarra Valley Water to replace it (my mobile was almost out of battery anyway). I can not remember what else you have “saved” during the long hours you spent with us that night, but I know that we were able to leave the house and move to a temporary accommodation (which AAMI generously organised for us), confident that no further damage will be done to the house and the contents inside.
Particularly I would like to say thank you for your generosity by leaving your truck running idle so that my mobile phone could be charged. Since that was our only way to communicate with the “outside world” !!
I will have no hesitation in recommending your services to the people I am and will be dealing in the future.

Bran Babusku, 4th December, 2008

Thanks for the great services, don’t forget to call me next week to complete the job.
Have a nice weekend andy.

Andy Shen, Fri, Mar 6 2009

Over the last 10 year period I have used the services provided by Andrew Barrett from AB Property Services on a regular basis. The tasks dealt with included; fixing a structural brick wall with unexplained recurrent dampness, installing a water tank system, installing a back-up electricity generator, repairing damaged floor boards, altering disability equipment to prevent damage to floors, reconstruction of a veranda, guttering repairs. All of these tasks have been completed in a timely manner by competent tradesmen. Andrew is a talented ‘problem solver’ and I would recommend AB Property Services for any domestic repair and maintenance work.

Elizabeth A. Woodcock, 20th November, 2008

Dear Andrew, Pascal and Tim,
Thank you for your excellent work to repair the burst water pipe.
I am extremely happy with your promptness and efficiency, and will keep in touch about further repairs to this ‘House of Horrors!’

Cheers, Mandy Poon, 28/9/08

Grenade found in roof
THE bomb disposal unit was called to a Brighton East home last week after an unexploded grenade was found in the roof.
Julie McAlister said a plumber found the grenade while fixing the hot water service in her Coronation St house about 1am on Thursday.
‘‘He said ‘You know you’ve got a hand grenade in here?’,” she said.
Brighton police and the army were called to the house to dispose of the grenade.
Capt Shane Turner from the Victoria Barracks bomb squad said the grenade was a standard World War II issue with the detonator removed.
Some ex-servicemen kept the grenades as souvenirs after the war, but no grenade was safe until it was examined by explosives ordnance personnel, Capt Turner said.
Regent plumber Andrew Barrett said: ‘‘I’ve had hundreds of jobs and that was obviously the most unusual one’

BAYSIDE LEADER April 18, 2006